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Otaku Meaning

The common Otaku Meaning is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. Until the 1980s, Otaku was a form of respectful address in Japanese, like a 2nd person pronoun.  “Taku” means home, dwelling place, family. With the prefix “O,” which expresses politeness. “Taku” refers to everyone relating to the person to whom the message is addressed.

So, what is an Otaku definition? That is a person who sits at home and does something. At first, this word using to refer to photographers who were fans of their craft. They tended to work from home, rarely going out, and communicating only in their own circles.

Then Otaku definition came to be used as a fan of some kind of activity. In Japan today, many people call themselves Otaku (manga fans). And in other countries there are otaku, fans of manga and anime. So, originally, the word is taking negatively. But now it is just using to describe fans of a certain hobby or kind of entertainment.

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku Mode

Tokyo Otaku mode and the number of manga fans in Japan is constantly growing. There are numerous fan organizations. At schools, colleges and universities there are formed groups, clubs of otaku. There a lot of manga fans gather to watch anime, read manga, discuss favorite plots. The interest in manga and anime starts in the last years of elementary school. But the number of those involved increases in high school and college. Initially aimed at children, it has now involved a large part of Japanese society. And they has acquired a strong fandom abroad. Among adults the number of Otaku is about 25% and among students about 40%.

Tokyo Otaku mode has a special district where manga and anime fans gather. Akihabara, Tokyo’s district is the “mecca” of otaku. It’s the largest shopping area in the entire world for electronic, computer equipment, anime and manga goods. As soon as new manga are published, this is where you can buy various products. And it will be in the style of the characters of the fresh manga – pens, key chains, postcards, jewelry.

There are themed festivals held at this place. Many people come here to meet friends that they can only meet here. So, many spend a considerable amount of time and energy preparing for the event, publishing amateur magazines, writing amateur manga. Many boldly dress up as their favorite manga characters, using homemade costumes of remarkable quality. They obviously enjoy the role of heroes and heroines and are there to show up in public and take pictures.

Maid Cafe with Otaku Ramen

Otaku Ramen

Maid-cafes for Otaku were originally intended mainly to satisfy the fantasies of Otaku, fans of anime, manga and video games. The cafes first appeared in the early 2000s in Tokyo’s. There are Akihabara district in the wake of the frenzied popularity of anime and manga. Maid waitresses dressed as manga and anime characters serve customers as if they were gentlemen.

So, Cafes can have a theme day based on a manga anime. In some cafes, maids sing and dance with their customers to entertain them. They can cook gourmet Otaku ramen there. Japan is now discussing the creation of an otaku coin, a new form of cryptocurrency specifically designed for otaku.

Otaku Definition and Social Problems

Otaku Definition

Otaku Definition includes anime and manga fans who are categorized according to their passion for the art form. Those who enjoy reading manga and watching anime based on them are called ordinary manga fans. They are the majority. These people are looking forward to the next chapters of a favorite story, interested in novelties, eagerly discussing what they read with other people. They don”t  delve deeply into the problem.

And if they have their toy taken away from them, they”re not particularly worried. Otaku is a little different. If a person doesn”t give up on a new hobby, he will delve deeper and deeper into this world, unusual for himself. He”ll start watching and reading more and more often. And getting to know the characters, talking about anime more often, visiting appropriate forums and websites. And, of course, the number of watched anime, read manga will increase significantly.

Then he will not neglect any manga and anime – he will watch and read everything. Over time, Otaku becomes more or less fascinated by Japanese culture, everyday life. And it becomes an integral part of such a person”s life. For example, you can read the manga “Lucky Star”.  In this story, the author shows the life of several girls, one of whom Konata Izumi. An athletic and intelligent girl, is overly fond of anime and computer games. She does not go to any clubs, prepares lessons hastily, has low grades. Konata is a typical otaku. She can stay up all night watching anime and reading new manga. Although Konata goes to a school for gifted children, she does not do well in school because of her hobby.

World Manga and Anime Fans

Manga and Anime

Maybe Otaku will study Japanese to better understand the characters in her favorite manga and TV series. Or at least start a Japanese-Russian phrasebook. An example is the manga American Weeb in Japan about a girl who came to Japan for her love of manga and anime.

The term otaku was quickly picked up in America and Europe by fans of Japanese comics. Borders between countries, thanks to the Internet, are quickly erased. And enthusiastic people can easily communicate on their favorite topics. So, they share their opinions and creativity, discuss modern ideas in anime and manga.

Otaku USA magazine is published in the States and covers various elements of the “otaku” lifestyle. Each issue of the magazine is more than 100 pages long. And includes sections featuring new manga excerpts from leading North American publishers. In addition to the print edition, Otaku USA publishes a regular e-newsletter from Japan featuring current industry news. As well as interviews with creators of new works and more.

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